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Little Nuggets Rescue

Little Nuggets Rescue is currently at capacity. That means that we can not take in your dog, cat, puppy or kitten. We wish we could save them all, but we can't...Good luck finding a home for your furbabies.

How to check out a rescue: by Coalition for Animal Rescue Reform We encourage everyone to look into any rescue they are supporting and if you are sending an animal to a rescue, it's absolutely critical you thoroughly investigate them.
  • If the rescue has a facility, absolutely make sure someone checks out the facility in person if you are thinking of sending an animal there. If you are sending a pet(s) there, you have every right to see where they will be staying.
  • Do they spay/neuter all animals before adoption including puppies and kittens? If not, you might as well be dealing with a breeder. Preventing more unwanted pets is the most basic part of animal rescue. Spay/neuter contracts do NOT work!
  • Ask for a vet reference and also verify they spay or neuter.
  • Ask to see a copy of their adoption application and ask them if they do home visits.
  • Google the rescue's name, director's name, any email addresses and phone numbers associated with the rescue.
  • They do not allow anyone at their facility.
  • They do not spay/neuter all pets BEFORE adoption.
  • They are angry that you are researching them and asking questions.
  • They post on their Facebook pg that they can't afford the vet care of the animals already in their care, yet they are still taking in more animals.
  • They have threatened to close their doors in the past.
  • They have animals in boarding and are still taking in more animals.
  • They are banned from pulling from their local shelters.
  • They don't spay/neuter or vet pets upon intake.
  • They don't do home visits or have an adoption application.
  • No one has ever heard of them.
  • They are not licensed or a nonprofit 501(c)3